About Us


The primary purpose of Aspen’s Children’s Corner is to build self confidence in children of the world. ACC will help bring them to the understanding that regardless of their culture, family background or social economic status; they are capable of achieving great things.


Aspen’s Children’s Corner was birthed out of a need for all children to know their history and see others like themselves that have achieved the greatest of heights and that are responsible for some of the inventions and sector impact we see and enjoy today. There is a generational gap where our children are not aware of who are the individuals, from their very communities, that are major historical contributors to society. Inventors of items like Blood Plasma (Dr. Charles Drew), Hair Cosmetics, the Stop Light, Cell Phones, Chrysler 300 car design, Civil Rights Leaders, Politicians, Literary greats and Poets, Jazz music, Reggae music, Rap music, Dancers and Choreographers, great fashion designers, Supermodels, CEO of major companies, etc., need to be known by our children. This knowledge will give our children a sense of pride, and confidence that they, like the ancestors of their communities, can achieve.

This generational gap in knowledge, the struggles to find quality content that our children can learn, builds understanding and confidence in themselves and their communities were the reasons the organization was formed.

ACC Development

Our targeted audiences are children 6 to 15 years old from diverse backgrounds. Our segments will be distributed via children academic channels, television, children workshops, children teleconferencing programs, book readings, entertainment concerts and other children programs. Children “Correspondents” between the ages of 6-15 will interview their “Legends”. The interviews are recorded and aired online where the children learn directly from them. We have completed several pilot interviews for various segments we will feature. Aspen’s Children’s Corner is a program for children by children. The goal of the program is to introduce kids to their legends in various fields and sectors– Presidents, politicians, artists, musicians, dances, entertainers, Athletes in sports, business, medicine, science, authors, inventors, among others ��� and in the process build awareness, confidence and self-esteem.

Why ACC Is Needed

cong-lewis-interview-3 ACC was created to both expose children to positive content and help them by learning about their rich history. Armed with the knowledge and awareness of Legends such as Maya Angelou, children will have a sense of pride and confidence, that like their ancestors they too can achieve, and achieve even more given greater resources. This will be accomplished by one of the most critical intangibles to prep children for success is building their self-esteem and a sense of self-worth. When children see individuals of their communities in leadership positions it will stimulate the sense that they can emulate those individuals. Recent reports have shown that by the time many children, especially minority children are 4 years old, they are already internalizing negative perceptions of their integrity and appearances. Professionals believe this is due to negative content that children are exposed to. Most children are not aware of their history, and the critical roles and sacrifices, their not too long ago ancestors/legends, made for them to enjoy the basics of life today. ACC members will have exposure to content in various forms to facilitate a clearer sense of self in our children…self-confidence…self- esteem…self-assurance…self-worth…and self-definition. Once you know the truth of whom and whose you are, it is very difficult to get lost or redefined by society or situations.